Building a firearm collection for preparedness

I don’t think I need to convince many of you of the possible urgent need to build a firearms collection for preparedness, my view is that we are about to see something of a magnitude not seen in several possibly hundreds of generations.

This is not so much what exactly I think I would buy and stock-up on but rather some points on firearms and hopefully get some of you who do not have firearms to seriously start, start, as in last week.


With that in mind I wanted to express a few ideas, until originally posted, I have shared with others only in private.

What would I do now?

A good question, I would want to look at it several ways, I live in a western state that does not have the restrictions of other statist progressive bully-by-proxy busybody infested areas suffer from. Because I live in a firearm friendly state I may be free to gather some items not allowed in other states, countries and cities where you may be reading this…

I should start out by saying that I find rifles far more utilitarian than a pistol, but I would suggest a pistol you find comfortable. I do not think you have to have a .40 (something) plus handgun to be a man – in fact a pistol is a piss poor tool for fighting your way back to the rifle you stupidly left out of reach (my grandfather taught me that). I also recognize that a handgun is a great tool, convenient, easy to conceal (legally please) and of course you can simply use a web search to find hundreds of cases where simply showing a handgun was enough to have the typical predatory, cowardly criminal running away while soiling their pants.

Pistols first

I could list many reasons to have a pistol, and to even apply for your stolen freedoms with a “permit”, (begging for your rights) often just the extraction of your sidearm from its concealed holster will cause a “thug” to back down, but if ever thought I was threatened enough to think I needed to “pull” there would be no time to back down – or reason – because that time would have already passed.

I favor the .357 revolver, and contrary to internet commandos, it is a very effective cartridge. The study of police fatal shootings shows the .357 to be far more lethal than most of the other rounds combined. I would gather that if you think the .357 is not “powerful” then you simply need to shoot a .357 with a 158 gr. HP full power load to see for yourself. I have hunted with a .357 in the past and it is a very effective round for hunting even large game. The .357 is a very accurate round, if you put a scope on a .357 revolver NO ONE will laugh at you, contrary to the snickers you may get with a scope on an AK platform rifle – there is a reason for this… The .357 is also available in may rifle/carbine setups I have owned break-open and lever action rifles in .357 it is a reasonable “brush gun” for hunting and provides for the pistol/rifle sharing-of-ammo concept.

I am also a fan of the 7.62x25mm Tokarev a hot version of the 7.63x25mm Mauser, very hot and very accurate.

I like the 9x18mm Makarov, a small pistol that fires inexpensive ammunition, my wife favors her 9x18mm Makarov above all others.

I eventually standardized on the 9x19mm Parabellum in handguns for the simple reason that it is a standard all over the world, ammo is available and inexpensive. I did not choose 9mm because it is “better” but because good pistols in this cartridge are easy to find, and in the end, any pistol is better than nothing. Future supply and choices in handguns was the deciding factor.

Oh, and before you start busting my chops, I cut my teeth on .45 1911 pistols because that is what my dad loved, I gave up on the .45 the first time I shot my first .357 magnum and never seriously looked back, none of my .357 revolvers ever jammed on me – I could never say that about the 1911. We do have a 1911 pistol in the collection and even the new FNX/FNP .45.

Regardless of what you choose, pick one, practice, stock up on ammo – I keep 500 rounds of factory loaded ammo (or more) for each pistol and components for lots more “home rolled”.

You also want to add a .22 lr pistol – pick one and use it, cheep shooting, I suggest getting a revolver or auto loader to match your main pistol, they even make some conversion kits that are nice to have. A single action cowboy-western revolver with interchangeable cylinders are one of the greatest additions to a backpacking/hiking trip you can have.


First on the list get a .22 lr rifle in bolt or auto-loader, and continue to shoot it until you get past 2000 rounds before you even think about putting it to the side, take one every time you visit the range.

How would I do it?

I don’t like the .223 and certainly don’t like the AR platform, but I do (now) have two .223 chambered rifles that survived the recent sell off and replacement, this pair of this model rifle belongs to one of the children and my wife. The two rifles are the SU16CA from Kel-tec. What should be embarrassing for Rugar is that Kel-tec can make a better rifle for less money and it uses standard magazines, is more reliable than the jammin’ jenny, and more accurate than any POS mini-14 junker.

I did chose to make .308 my standard rifle caliber, but if I were to do this from scratch now I would choose the 7.62x54r

Why? budget and effectiveness.

I would get an auto-loading mag fed rifle and several turn bolt Mosin Nagant 91/30, 91/59 or M44 rifles (and they are drying up in supply).

For the autoloader I would most likely get the Romanian PSL (AK platform) rifle with a  little 2 or 4 power fixed scope. In fact talking about this issue with a compatriot I seriously considered selling off my .308 rifle for the cash and getting an Romanian PSL and a SVT40 with a hand full of Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles for throw-downs, the idea was fleeting.

If the Yugoslavian M76 in 8mm Mauser was less expensive the same thing could be done with 8mm and some M24/47 Yugoslavian Mauser turn bolts, but the autoloader and the ammo is a bit high in price.

Regardless, keep at least 1000 rounds for each rifle of factory loaded ammo, keep the factory ammunition for when the need arises. reloads you have made for that rifle are just a viable if you are careful and meticulous with your reloading, don’t bother to make junker ammo, premium bullets are inexpensive enough to make hunting capable cartridges for junk ammo prices.

The turn bolts in the mix exist for several reasons, one is for reloading, if in the worst case you had to shoot black powder and lead bullets you can load black powder, lead bullets (even paper patched/paper jacketed) and even press out primers knock out the firing pin dent and fill them with two or three toy cap gun caps and have a turn bolt rifle that functions. I hope it never gets down to black powder!


Shotguns – I had forgotten to list them,  you need one. I don’t have one for myself but, my wife has an 870 riot gun for home protection (yes it is hers, she made me buy one for her) and my oldest son has an 870 pump fitted with a slug barrel that has interchangeable choke tubes, both are 12 ga. and are in almost unused condition, simply because we don’t use them.

The Air Rifle

The high power pellet rifle – I was never a good shot on the wing with a shotgun, but if it lights and I have a post and notch on it, it’s in the bag. I note the preponderance of pidgins in our area and in a pinch you would have a hard time telling the meat from a dove. The huge selection of air rifles including large caliber pre-charged pneumatic rifles are possibly more logical than even black power rifles – air is free.

Additional items

Just some random thoughts about the current situation, trying to look at this without a sense of panic but rather logic. I am afraid that this will be the last reasonable and possible chance before the hammer falls, in just a few weeks we may see another panic buying spree, this is about the fifth panic in my adult years and they all suck and take years to square-up. I write this knowing I have what I think I need, but I would have liked to keep my habit of trying out new rifles…

1. Caliber compatibility – the more weapons that share ammunition the easier it is to store and keep a handle on.

2. How is the caliber ranked for range and power? (suitability for large US game for hunting)

3. Is it suitable for reloading? (hand-loading used brass)

4. Is it readially available? (both weapons and ammunition)

5. What is the cost vs. value?

6. Are there auto-loading rifles and or magazines available in this caliber? (ten rounds and up)

7. Will there be sources of ammunition later and if not is this a concern?

8. Are reliable weapons with spare parts available (for spare/repair parts stocking)

9. Are they reasonably accurate? – 20 rounds 10 inches at 100 yards in less than two min. (That will kick out a bunch of rifles).

We are not talking about delusions of the mall ninjas – I for one will be bugging in place if the need arises. We want to think about how many uses this can be matched to and if they fit the needs of your area.

I hand-load/reload so even current availability issues are almost always limited to concerns pertaining to the availability of components rather than new or surplus ammunition.

I have posted before, pistols just don’t hold the same interest for me as rifles, I have them, I think they are necessary, but I don’t put much stock in them past that possible “oh, crap” situation – like an attempted car-jacking or similar problem, and as I said it would be a last resort only if the fear of harm is imminent and then “no sword is sheathed without drawing blood” concept applies – the proper tool at the proper time, only when needed. I do and am an open carry advocate.

I also was looking over the load books to confirm and here is the general run down I found (changes from book to book, but they generally follow this trend).

7.62x54R Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type 150 gr
Velocity 3,000 ft/s
Energy 2,905 ft·lbf

The 7.92x57mm IS (8mm Mauser) Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type (.323 inch) 181 gr
Velocity 2,700 ft/s
Energy 2,902 ft·lbf

30-06 Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type 150 gr
Velocity 2,900 ft/s
Energy 2,820 ft·lbf

30-06 Ballistic performance (M2 ball cartridge)
Bullet weight/type 152 gr
Velocity 2,740 ft/s
Energy 2,650 ft·lbf

7.62×51 (.308) Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type146.6 gr
Velocity 2,756 ft/s
Energy 2,472 ft·lbf

Note this information is for “time era” factory or surplus loadings, modern loads designed for modern powders in new manufacture bolt action rifles can “UP” the power of the 30-06 but this would be damaging or dangerous in the M1, M1917, or 03A3.

The two highest are 7.62x54R and 7.92×57 then 30-06 and then 7.62×51 – if you look at commercial .308 rather than 7.62×51 then you find that it comes within and in some cases surpass 30-06. (again this could be problematic or dangerous for weaker actions such as the M1a or older rifles like the Spanish 7.62×51 conversion Mausers)

The common thought out there is that 30-06 is the most potent, but the numbers prove that the Russian round is the hottest. Also contrary to popular misinformation .308 commercial rounds have a higher pressure and loading parameters than the NATO rounds and so would chart higher.

Using the basic thoughts and my already chosen calibers I was thinking about  a .308 bolt action rifle from Savage, the Mark II FVT Savage .22 target rifle and even the .300 AAC BlackOut on the SU16 CA rifle.

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